How to Switch Back to Old Blogger

Technology is not pretty.
Angelina Jolie is pretty.
Technology is no Angelina Jolie.
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These instructions were created to assist bloggers who want to use the 'Going Pink For October' templates I created.
However they can be also be helpful for anyone who just wants to revert their blog back to the old blogger template interface.

The article with written instructions and photo screenshots for reverting back to the old Blogger dashboard and template editor is HERE --> Switching back to Classic Blogger. This also includes instructions on how to back up your templates in both old and new Blogger as well as directions and screenshots to update to the new Blogger interface. **Note: If you click on an instruction photo it will open in a large window of it's own--then you can see it better without having to leave the instruction page.

These are FREE BLOGGER CLASSIC TEMPLATES some may bump uglies with new browsers and such. I do my best to help when someone asks, but my hope is that you'll be able to help one another. If someone has a question or a problem, please respond if you have a solution or a suggestion.
In the meantime I'll be out there doing my part to keep us all rockin'.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Switching back to New Blogger

See Post above for instructions on
how to switch or revert template to Old Blogger Dashboard.

Step Seven:
Changing your template back to New Blogger.

Customize Design Button

When the time comes to change back to your original template you need to Click on 'Customize Design' in the dashboard.

A dialogue box will open up asking if you want to upgrade your template.
Upgrade Template Button
Click 'Upgrade your template'.

This will open to a template selection page.
Template Selection Button

Do not select a template.
Click 'Save Template'.

This should take you back to the the New Blogger Dashboard.
New Blogger Dashboard
View your blog to make sure that the old widgets are where they should be.

If something went wrong and your widgets are not there, click on Edit HTML.
Edit HTML Blogger

You can use the 'Upload a template from file' to browse and upload the back-up template that Blogger created for you in STEP 2.

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      • At October 10, 2009 at 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

        You out to know how to do this. I recall when you completely copied my blog and changed a few words in the entries to attempt to defame me out of jealousy.

        You think he was worth it? I don't. Some feminist you are. Jealous, bitter, vengeful human being is more like it.

      • At October 11, 2009 at 12:04 AM, Blogger T - Another Geek Girl said…

        Anon, if that really is your name...
        A hint? A pseudonym?
        I have no idea who you are or who he is. I have no idea what you're talking about. I wrote all of this, it's not a 'copy' of anything. Even the pictures are mine.

        Plagiarism isn't something I condone or have need of. I'm proud of my writing. It's something that I've always been good at.

        I'm sure you don't know me. I've never called myself a feminist. I think vengence is a waste of time. And I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be jealous of.

        I don't know if you wandered by this page anecdotally or if you'll ever return. But if you do, feel free to add more. I'm actually interested in what you'll say next.