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These instructions were created to assist bloggers who want to use the 'Going Pink For October' templates I created.
However they can be also be helpful for anyone who just wants to revert their blog back to the old blogger template interface.

The article with written instructions and photo screenshots for reverting back to the old Blogger dashboard and template editor is HERE --> Switching back to Classic Blogger. This also includes instructions on how to back up your templates in both old and new Blogger as well as directions and screenshots to update to the new Blogger interface. **Note: If you click on an instruction photo it will open in a large window of it's own--then you can see it better without having to leave the instruction page.

These are FREE BLOGGER CLASSIC TEMPLATES some may bump uglies with new browsers and such. I do my best to help when someone asks, but my hope is that you'll be able to help one another. If someone has a question or a problem, please respond if you have a solution or a suggestion.
In the meantime I'll be out there doing my part to keep us all rockin'.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Using Images as Links How Spiders Read Your Page

You should make special note in the image below of the code I've used to create image attributes.


The first attribute is title, but replacing the word title with alt works just as well. This is important for the indexing of your images by search engines. Spiders cannot 'see' the image when they crawl your page. The 'title' or 'alt' attribute is your way of telling the spiders what's going on in the picture, how you want them to index that image, your post, and your site properly.

This is an extremely important attribute for SEO. If you're selling from your blog, you might want to add a picture of a product, say a book. In order for the picture, and your site, to come up on searches for this book you'll need to be specific in the 'title' attribute. If you title it book your image will get lost amongst the millions of images called book on the Internet.

I've told the spiders exactly what this image is and how I want it indexed by using the book's title and author's name in the title attribute.


Now, roll your cursor over the image. This is an added benefit to alt and title attributes. The title pops up when you scroll over the image. I can then link either the picture itself or text to the URL of my review of the book.

The second attribute is target=blank. Because I've linked my image to another website I am, in effect, sending readers away from my page when they click the link. In order to allow them to remain on my page, and still see the page I've linked, I've added the target blank attribute. This code added to an image makes the link open in a new window keeping your reader on your site.

The title, alt and target = blank attributes can be added to text links as well, in the same area that you add them to an image. They have the same effect of opening the link in a new window, helping spiders index the topic of your post, and creating a scroll-over title. **The scroll over attribute doesn't work in Firefox. Only in IE.

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